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tully_mars 03-08-2005 10:38 AM

My 1st B.Berry (7520) Can receive email fine but not sending
Hi all,

Great forum, been reading a lot. I have a 7520 4.0 BB with Webmail etc... It is checking my email fine and I get them quickly, but when I send email it only sends out over redirector. I keep getting these emails that say not to delete. When I sync with my laptop and turn on re-director they send out immediately, but that is the only way the send.

So how can I get emails to send with Webmail when not hooked up to the laptop?


Brad00111 03-08-2005 12:34 PM

Im not entirely sure but it sounds like you set up the desktop software wrong. I think you set it up for running off a BES and not BWC. There should not be a re-director setting if your not on a BES. Sounds liek you may have to re-install the desktop software for BWC and then sync the phone, should be fine.

Also couldnt hurt to resend the service book from the BWC.

EDITED: Yea after doing some more research on this I am wrong. Redirector is used with BWC, I just didnt notice because it only appeared after i upgraded my desktop software, and switched to the BES at the same time. sorry for the wrong info. As far as your question is concerned, I am not really sure what to tell you, other than look at when you send a message it says: Using WebClient. If anyone else can chime in here great.

tully_mars 03-08-2005 08:52 PM

I think I have figured it out. When I am composing mail at the top of the screen above the "To:" field there is an option for Desktop or Web Client. If you select Web Client by tapping the space bar after highlighting it cruises right on through. Otherwise it seems to go to Re-Director.

I have sent a few both ways and this seems to hold, will take more time for me to verify.

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