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leojjamilah 04-27-2014 03:06 AM

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Touch

I am using a BlackBerry Bold 9900 touch, after a year the unit just shut off even if battery is fully charge i tried to charge the unit and try to power it on but you'll see only red light after a few minutes nothing happens no booth/initialize on the unit. I tried to find some solution like charge the unit in 2 hours after 2 hours remove the battery wait for 15 minutes and put the battery but nothing happens, that's why i decided to use the BlackBerry Desktop Software to return to its factory default also the Application Loader Wizard still red light and unit wont booth or initialized, i noticed also the connection from my PC/Laptap is on & off i change my cables for how many times and PC/Laptap still same connection on/off, there is a message saying (error 1723 A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Action RepairRimUsbDriveNT).

Please somebody could help me of this problem that could make my unit work again and i know somebody out there have same problem like mine needs help also. your quick reply on this matter would really be appreciated.


tsac 04-27-2014 02:40 PM

Re: BlackBerry Bold 9900 Touch
Doing a wipe or accessing the BB from a PC wont work unless the phone is running. Unless you dropped it or got it wet the likely problem is the battery is defective. There is some controversy on the charging of an LI battery used in cell phones but from my experience if the battery drops too low, below 25% the battery will eventually fail to fully charge. If you let it run down often it may be the battery. Try to borrow one from another friend or simply buy one. Do not get a cheap knock off . Get a OEM blackberry battery. Good luck.

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