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JW021979 06-24-2009 02:55 PM

No sounds when on charge
Lately I have been experiencing a problem with the sound on bold. If the phone is on charge I dont get any alarm, email or sms sounds. When off charge it alerts me ok. Any ideas why?

littleman 06-24-2009 02:57 PM

Wirelessly posted (bold 9000)

I think it has something to do with bedside mode. Haven't had mine that long but remember seeing it.

JW021979 06-24-2009 03:10 PM

I'm not using bedside mode. I thought that at first but its not that.

Klotar 06-26-2009 12:09 AM

Are you "just" charging with a charger or cradle, or hooked up via USB to a PC w/Device Manager running (i.e. not necessarily Desktop Manager)?

If hooked up to a PC, your BB may be in Mass Storage Mode, where it cannot access the SD Card (where your ringtones may be stored).

JW021979 07-02-2009 05:59 AM

I am using it in a cradle connected to a charger, not in USB mode.

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