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ashish_k 11-09-2010 07:56 AM

update OS/Firmware programmatically.
Hi All,

I want to update the OS programmatically.

There is an API to install or upgrade the third party applications.

So if I have the update of OS, then the "Wireless Option" show me the new list of updated OS. Then I select one of them and follow the procedure. Can I do all these stuff using my application.

1. We can invoke the native applications programmatically like address book, calendar etc. Can we invoke the "wireless update" option using my programm?
2. If my carrier provide me the bundles of moduls need to update the OS then how will I update my old OS? Is there any way to do this, any API?
3. Can anybody provide me the OTA link to update the OS or where I found it?

Need answer..

Hope I clarify my question now..


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