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sujendra 07-01-2008 12:35 AM

Regarding wireless activation time on BES
Hi friends,
i'm happy to inform you all that i've successfully deployed a 90-day copy of the BES on my system. I also followed the instructions mentioned in the video tutorial:

I was asked to have a BES plan defined with my service provider for the BES (i've taken the INR 899/- unlimited BES data storage plan from BPL India).
I have 2 devices now, the 8300 and 7100g; on 7100g i have activated and configured to a user by the wired procedure, now i requested the service provider(BPL Mumbai,India) for the BES service according to the above mentioned plan for the wireless activation of the other device (i.e. 8300).
It is showing enterprise activation started and is intializing various services. The wireless activation's video tutorial mentions of a password and activating the device upon that password.
Do i have to set and send the password from the BES end to the device and enter the same password on the device to continue?? or
Will it automatically complete the wireless activation??
It's been initializing the services since 2 days and i was curious as to how much time should it ideally take......or what is actually to be done here
Any suggestions/help appreciated.


sujendra 07-01-2008 12:45 AM

i was not asked for any activation password and the wireless enterprise activation started automatically as soon as i requested the service provider.


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