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johnrobv 11-17-2005 12:50 PM

Multiple Issues
I have a user who is having multiple issues with his Blackberry.

1. Not wirelessly syncing - mailbox on laptop does not match BB. Messages show unread that are read, messages not showing up - not talking minutes here, but hours.
2. Cannot accept a meeting on Blackberry just by selecting accept. Must editing the response and then accept.
3. Meetings disappearing on laptop and BB - calendar never matches
4. On fourth Blackberry in the nine months you have been here
5. Receiving Message on BB significantly delayed - he had me send him a meeting request from my desk. I walked up to his office, spoke to him for about 20 mins and meeting request still did not show up on BB.
6. Send messages from Blackberry, receive check mark as confirmation of send - but emails never are sent and never show up in sent items folder. No error message, no X.
7. Missing email on the Blackberry that was received and opened on the PC. For instance, user received a contract yesterday afternoon. He opened it, opened and printed the attachment. This morning he needs to forward it to another employee but it is not in his inbox.

He is on a BES server.

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