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Mark Rejhon 03-18-2005 08:26 PM

eOffice users: Verizon/Bell 7250 Fixed! Also Password Keeper now!
Verizon 7250 users, check out this thread:
BlackBerryOS 4.0 Upgrade Downloads Thread
(Also contains the existing Bell Mobility 7250 download too)

Although this seems to be, the same version preinstalled on Verizon BlackBerries, this is great because this includes the Password Keeper, which is not installed by default. Also, some people need to reinstall BlackBerryOS. In addition to this, it allows you to safely add/remove components such as uninstalling BrickBreaker if you don't want the videogame taking up memory on your 7250. Plus, it finally allows you to install Dynoplex eOffice successfully on a Verizon 7250 without error messages.

So this is indeed a minor upgrade for existing 7250 users, even though the version number is the same as the OS installed by default on a 7250.

Should fixes the following problems for all 7250's
- Missing Password Keeper (a password wallet)
- Allows you to now run Dynoplex eOffice on Verizon 7250
- Inability to uninstall components (i.e. uninstalling BrickBreaker if you needed to uninstall it)
- Inability to reinstall OS in emergency

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