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ckershner 04-30-2012 11:19 AM

Device Issues For Moving to Exchange 2010
I was wondering if anyone else had noticed any problems with moving their users from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010? I have noticed that my users with 9350 and 9650 devices have around a 50% failure rate when moving. The user's exchange accounts move just fine and then I move their BES accounts to a new BES server (that is using a separate BES service account for exchange 2010 and it has all necessary rights on their AD accounts) and then I run the handheldcleanup on the target server. The devices sometimes run through the mini activation just fine and are working but atleast half the time the devices act like they never receive the command and I am forced to perform a reactivation on the devices.

I have tested this over and over again and looked through the logs on the servers and the servers show that they are just waiting on the devices to check back that they acknowledged the move. Here is the fun part if I perform the same type of migration with users on 9930 devices they move 100% of the time with no issues at all.

I am wondering if there isnt a bug with the older devices and their firmware's that could be causing this. Firmwares range from to as ones that I have had issues with.

I almost forgot to mention we are running 5.0.3 MR6 one of of the BES servers for Exchange 2010 and MR7 on another Exchange 2010 enabled BES server (currently the testing server for possible MR7 deployment). Both have the same issue.

knottyrope 05-04-2012 12:27 PM

Re: Device Issues For Moving to Exchange 2010
What happens if you move first on BES and then move mailboxes?

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