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slimbim 09-18-2006 10:17 AM

Removing Blackberry Information from Mail System when deleting users
When you delete a user from BES, you get prompted "Would you like to also remove the Blackberry Information for the selected user(s) from the mail system?"

If I click No, what information does it actually retain in the mail system? When would it be useful to retain the information, or how does it help if the user is added later with a new device or the same old device?


amukhey 09-18-2006 10:53 AM

If your talking about a Domino Environment, this can only mean relation to the State Database...

Andi 09-18-2006 11:01 AM

In the exchange environment it saves at least the PIN number of the device last used by that user. I have a lot of users who borrow a "loaner blackberry" for business trips. If I don't delete the info from their mailbox then the next time they get a loaner it will not likely be the same device as the last time so it asks if I want to switch PIN #s - it also remembers their signature and intellisync settings.

Max_MBit 09-19-2006 02:39 AM

It also remembers which BES server the account was associated with so if you are planning to move a user from BES A to BES B, you will need to remove the information from the mailbox.

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