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barneyb 09-26-2016 08:46 PM

Classic does not vibrate
My classic won't vibrate. Not sure when it stopped. I ran BB virtual tech and it passed all test including vibrate test. In vibrate only profile it doesn't vibrate only led comes on. Any insight would be appreciated. I have gone thru all profiles to confirm vibrate is on. Any custom contact notifications I have vibrate on 3 times and custom ringtones, the ringtones are correct yet no vibration. I recently deleted some apps I wasn't using could that have done it? Is there a way to put all notifications back to default without reset of complete OS.? any help?

tsac 09-26-2016 09:11 PM

Re: Classic does not vibrate
Do a backup for your information first and try doing a factory reset then test the function. If it then works try adding back your contacts and other information then test again. If it still works then try adding back one at a time your apps you added to the phone. Hopefully the one causing the problem will be found if it is an app. If after the factory reset it does not work it may be hardware related but based on your comments it seems it may be a corrupted OS. You can try doing a reload with a clean copy of the OS then do some testing.

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