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ppittman 05-17-2016 04:34 AM

BES12 - IOS devices not activating
We have recently built a BES 12.4.1 Lotus Notes environment using Traveler and a separate BES Router.

We have configured the profiles etc. but each time we try to activate a device we are seeing the error 'Unable to verify account details'.

I have a call open with BB support but they havent come back with much yet. They asked us to change log file level from info to debug but we cant do that. When we make the change and save it, the screen clears and at the top of the screen where it says 'Global Logging Settings' and the name of the server underneath, we are unable to select either line to view the settings. We have a call in with BB about this too.

Also, we have 3 SRP tenants mentioned in the Core log files. This is because we tried several different SRP's as none of them would work. In the end, we had to reboot the server before an SRP key could be validated. We also have a call in for this!

Anyone have any ideas what the issue with activations could be?

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