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Rax2473 05-20-2013 06:55 AM

Mail synch not happening on BB

we have an enterprise vault v 9.0 which is used for archiving purposes. We also have a BES activated BB in our organization.

Some users experience issues where the mails that they move to the Vault, from their inboxes, even after reconciliation - the BB still shows those mails in the BB inbox, whereas in the actual client - the mails are no longer on the inbox, but have been moved to the respective folders in the vault.

i have set the maills in the bb to the folliowing settings -

delete on "mailbox and handheld".
in case of conflicts - mailbox wins
mails to be on the bb for - 15 days

is this possible. when and as we move the mails on the inbox to a folder under eneterrpise vault, should it also show on the bb that the respective mail has dissapered or should it stll remain in the inbox ?

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