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Zozzle 03-11-2014 05:35 PM

9320 bluetooth disconnect from car
I'm a Blackberry Newbie (from an iPhone) and I have a 9320. I've paired it to my car's phone ok and it works fine - but when I shut off the car the pairing is lost. When I start the car again a screen pops up on my phone that shows the car is trying to link with the phone. When I hit OK (or something like that) I'm connected again - until shut the car off.

Is this normal for the link to have to be manually made each time I start the car? If so, what do 'Berry users do who are in & out of a vehicle all day long? :shock:

With my old iPhone, I made the connection once when I got the car (3 years ago) and I've never had to re-connect since. It never disconnected.

I've looked and looked in the phone setup and I can't see anything I can click that will make the pairing automatic every time I start the car.

Zozzle 03-12-2014 10:41 AM

Re: 9320 bluetooth disconnect from car
I fixed the problem myself. Deep in the bluetooth setup menus on the phone is a checked box about an "encrypted connection". I unchecked this and I'm good to go - instant connection when I start the car.

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