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Cooper 02-26-2011 10:20 AM

Developer rant... "You've won RIM, I'm leaving"
You Win, RIM! (An Open Letter To RIM's Developer Relations)

Anyone care to comment as a developer?

This feels like an ovr the top, pretentious ("I'm so amazing, you've lost quite the developer for your platform") rant.

I feel like going over the top with exhadgeration ("100000000 page agreement") does not help make things better.

The seemingly endless flaws of the whole development process are laid out and compared against Apple and Android, then it finishes with "I'm never developing for your platform again"

Long and winded, I only really browsed over it because it seems fairly dumb. A RIM hating, Apple loving friend of mine posted this, but I wanted REAL opinions from other software people who actually develop for BB.

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