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Default Re: Blackberry Classic stays connected to network but loses internet access

First, I want to thank both of you for replying to my post. Up til now, I haven't had anyone else to discuss this with so your input and suggestions are really appreciated.

In the first post, Tsac asked about memory. The device shows that 8.8gb of the 16gb are free/unused. Nothing I am listening to or downloading should be larger than 200-300mb.

Aiharkness, the first thing I tried was turning wifi off and then back on. The result is that the device works again for another few minutes and then it loses internet again. Each time I check the wifi data - always shows connected, good signal strength. I don't always get the same IP address either.

I read that removing the battery was one form of resetting a cell phone but I don't know if this can be done with the Blackberry classic. I found a number of websites that said the Classic was "designed with a non-removable" battery. There was a video on another blackberry forum showing a lot of dismantling of the case had to be done. I would rather not damage the case since I plan to give the phone back to my friend if I can't get it to work.

I have deleted and re-added the WIFI profile two or three times. An instructor at the gym helped me use their staff wifi but I had the same issues as the regular wifi.

Bandwidth or capacity at the gym has never been a problem. My Samsung tablet connects and runs fine for past 2-3 years. One of my tests was to try using both the Samsung and the Blackberry and then the Samsung, Blackberry and iPhone5 at the same time. In all tests, the Samsung and iPhone ran fine - no speed degradation or loss of signal or buffering. Today the place was nearly empty after my workout so I tried an even simpler test. I just googled speedtest and ran the one that opens on the search webpage. Samsung would run the test over and over and get good throughput (download 19mbs). Blackberry would run test once but the second time it would freeze/stop/lock up. Needle would just stop or freeze midway up and pressing start or stop below the dial wouldn't do a thing. I turned wifi off and then back on and test would complete. Next test might work but the following one would lock up again.

The first time I used the Blackberry it ran for close to an hour. I'm wondering if some software update has done something and if it would do any good to go back to an older version of the Blackberry OS - if this is 10.3 then maybe 10.2? Is there any way to do this with the Classic? I've seen instructions for other models.

I'm also wondering about the mobile network settings. I've tried mobile network on and off but doesn't seem to make any difference. Is there any mobile setting that could cause the phone to just stop connecting to the network. Might there be some kind of limit - only so many minutes or GB of download? I've gone through all of the settings but I haven't seen anything. On the other hand, I don't have a regular cellphone or mobile plan so I don't really know what to look for.

Again, thanks to both of you for your suggestions. If you can help further it would be fantastic but, if not, I really appreciate your time and interest in my problem.
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