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Default Re: Blackberry Classic stays connected to network but loses internet access

I was wondering if the data throughput at the gym was just too slow and hence throwing an error, and expected a PIN to work even under those circumstances. The failure of a PIN message indicates to me there is no data throughput at all even though you appear to be connected.

I'm no help on the 20/40 question. My guess is it is something that would be on the router, perhaps frequency/channel, and not anything on the device. Perhaps knotty will respond again.

I think the best conclusion is the gym network has a conflict with the BlackBerry in some way. There is nothing I can think of to try other than what you have already tried. Sadly, the BB10 devices are out of date by a good bit nowadays. I'm seeing things with the browser now that used to work, but the web has moved on and BB10 is stuck in time.
- Ira
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