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Default Re: How to add account to BB Hub?

Thanks, everyone. I've tried to employ the methods you've suggested, to no avail. I'm still stuck on "account can't be authenticated." I'm using the IMAP connection method, and am using the server settings provided by that are in use with my Office 365 account. Outlook works fine on my PCs, but for reasons I cannot fathom, the BB Hub account setup procedure "can't authenticate" my credentials.

As a fallback, I am able to access my email by using the Outlook App on the Key2. I can download/install the app, plug in my account info, and be in business in 60 seconds.

. . . . but isn't the whole point of BBHub to consolidate various email accounts into a single stream? It was a, uh, key reason why I dropped the money on this device in the first place. It's an aggravation to have to use multiple apps to monitor my various email accounts.

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