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Default Re: Key2 says it will play .mp4 files, but my Key2 actually won't play .mp4 files

Originally Posted by aiharkness View Post
My assumption based on the first hand is the device plays mp4 and the reason it doesn't (the other hand) is something else. The problem is to identify the something else.
So, in other words: When is an .mp4 . . . . not an .mp4?

I haven't run through the isolation exercises you recommend, and while I can certainly understand how they might reveal the true source of the malfunction, I can't help but think:

1. This is not what one should expect to have to do when they purchase a flagship BB
2. what part of .mp4 am I failing to understand? If the specs say the device plays .mp4, and I have an .mp4 file on the device, should any extra concern/thought/diagnosis be required on my part?

I know it's possible to slap any old .xxx extension on any old file, and I can say, at least, that this is not what we're dealing with here. It's an .mp4; it plays without problem on my PC. But beyond that, I guess I have to decide just how much sleuthing I am willing to invest in troubleshooting this particular file. I confess the answer at the moment is "not much," not least because I figured this kind of compatibility is part of what I paid for.

So, thank you for your suggestions. If I go down that trail, I'll report back.
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