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First BB with mobile payment was the 9900 (In fact, first ever credit card payment by phone in Canada was with a 9900), I also used one as my virtual access card (NFC). I am going to assume you mean Google Wallet or some other mobile wallet/payment system is available because of the Android ecosystem?

The problem of power consumption is slowly getting better for both IPS LCD (Newer tech that improves on the old TFT IPS standard), and Super AMOLED (May or may not contain a + or an Edge or a HD), which is certainly an upgrade from the original AMOs. I've seen plenty of Amos burn over the years but with the newer gens like Super HD AMOLEDs haven't seen it unless it was a store demo unit (display always on and full brightness). The Z30 runs an AMO display and mine is still good to at just under 2 years. So YMMV.

So many fallacies, so little time. I thought we were discussing the Priv, not the 9500(Really?) or how BBOS doesn't make alarm clocks like they used to. You seem disappointed that you have to fiddle with your device after connecting or disconnecting to a third party cradle? I haven't used this device with a cradle and time telling could not be simpler (I pick it up, and it turns on and tells me the time). The alarm is alright, but 3rd party alarms exist in the Android universe that could probably fit your needs.

The priv needs one or two apps off Google to fix that, and a password to have a device give up the goods is only smarter. What glitch?

Windows devices are pretty good, though I don't keep up on current affairs, from wht I understand, if you run a PC and use Windows 10, Windows phones are great. Meh, YMMV.

You were looking forward to an alarm clock, or a cradle. I don't believe you used this device, and if you did, not for longer than 12 hours (and I am pretty sure you were asleep for at least half of those)

My only complaint is the DTEK Security suite, which, while very informative, doesn't really allow me to do anything about it on an app by app scale, all I can really do is turn off options for all my apps, or uninstall the spying app. This is a limitation of Android's 5.1.x Lollipop OS, and is fixed with Marshmallow. From what I understand, we should be getting access to 6.x.x in February or March. Who knows? The Priv is my daily driver and while it's not as BlackBerry as my older Z30/10, I still enjoy using it.
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