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Default Re: 1) SD card issues(32GB). 2) Wi-Fi issues.

Hehe I can go directly to my router(via web browser)setting and play with the channels, it is no challenge for me and I don't need any external apps/software to do it :]

It doesn't look like its router channel issue but the phone(software) itself. Couple of phone restarts is fixing the issue when it occurs.

I am beginning to look for a new device as PRIV is keep failing my expectations. Today in the morning when I picked up my phone my AdBlock-Browser was deleted, by itself(google security* scan made it?). I had to re-download that browser.

I only expect this phone-snooping for-our-good* to become worse in the coming years... unfortunately. Look at Pixel phone with photos/videos saved in the cloud, with good marketing for unlimited* storage for them. Slowly everything will move to cloud and instead of phones we will have only receivers* without any access to the information they are collecting about us and our behaviours/habits.

Thanks for the help tsac, have a good one!
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