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Default Unable to load device software after nuking - please help...

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Hi all,

I'm in despair at the moment trying to revive someone's blackberry that is to be set up with company e-mail on the BES here.
It's a newer version than the others we use (8120) and is unlocked although we're with Vodafone UK, who don't have that model.

Basically I had trouble with activation so I nuked it and did a file system wipe.

It now either displays a JVM error or the icon with 507 under it.

The annoyance is that desktop manager says that it doesn't have the software compatible with the device...

I've downloaded the 8120 software from several providers as well as 8100 series software but still the same.

The BES is running version 4.0.xx, I downloaded version 4.3 to my desktop PC and added all the device software I could find but just keep getting this message about the device software not being available...

Please help as I've run out of ideas and can't really send the device anywhere for repair as Vodafone didn't supply it...
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