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As far as fringe signal area goes, i live in Minneapolis MN and work in a nearby 'metro-attached' suburb. Outside and on most floors above ground i get full coverage. But i do see how I technically could be on a fringe as i'm in/out of no service area (basement) often. They just love to put Techies in dark holes...

by 'turning off the service', would a similar result be yielded by turning my wireless off" when i'm 'below ground'? I"m assuming that would stop the phone from constantly searching for signal... As far as apps running (ALT+Escape), i have...

Home Screen
Black Berry Messenger

I don't use black berry messenger, but i can't find a place to disable it - Help?
Even when i go to the browser, then menu>close. it pops back up again(same with BBM) I'm assuming these two are linked somehow.

Thanks guys for your insight.
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