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Default Re: Latest OS: 9900 (All Languages)

I am using that build. I bought my Bold unsub'd unlocked, came with stock (unbranded, no splash) .261 and I quickly installed .317 (arghh) didn't go so well, plus I could not find wikitude, really poor power mngt imo. So I downloaded and installed .296 (multilang support) been running this for almost 6 days. Battery levels seem to be pretty decent.

I am looking forward to an actual software update from my carrier (Bell), hopefully take advantage of hotspot and nfc support.

The 9900 is smooth, I have yet to see it stuck on 'thinking' (read hourglass) and the touchscreen is responsive. I like the fact that you can manage the various Panels on the Homescreen, you can even remove them all except for one. In addition to recognizing most the languages and fonts thrown at it, it also comes with the added benefit off allowing the user to input in a variety of languages.

The camera is not as good as the one I used on my 9780. It is the same camera that is on the Playbook, but I feel that they should have included auto-focus (disappointed that they did not) luckily, I do not need my smartphone to have a camera that takes great close up shots (macro, documents), my needs are more along the general pictures of rooms or areas.

The browser is pretty decent, I didn't run any tests, as they depend on site/connection/etc... It got me where I needed to go much more quickly than my 9780.
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