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Default Re: Almost there. Bes 12 activation fails on password

Originally Posted by knottyrope View Post
you should create the BESAdmin account that the manual shows
I uninstalled the BES 12 server and tried (unsuccessfully) to reinstall per the instructions.

I am working with Small Business Server 2011 and installing BES 12 on same.

What I am seeing is that I can sucessfully install BES 12 using the admin account, but I know that is not the correct way.

If I try to install by first setting up the BES12Admin account I run into the following problems:

1. I create the BESAdmin12 account, assign it a pw, tell it to never expire, not to change at first login. That all works.

2. I do not have a local policy under computer management so I am forced to use GPEDIT.MSC in order to "run as service", I add the BES12Admin account and it throws an error saying it can't modify the local policy (or something similar). Going back into the list of objects to run as service it does show the BES12Admin account.

Trying to install BES 12 fails when it tries to set up the SQL database (connect to existing), but if I do the same with the Administrator Account it succeeds.

I think in the end my BES12Admin account is not connecting to the SQL instance. This may be related to the fact that I am using SBS?

Since I've been messing around pretty heavily I think I'm going to do a full server reinstall and try again. As much as I don't want to go through all the updates again, every time I do this I'm gaining experience so I will get it right for production.

Unless there are any ideas on this instance, I think a re-install might fair better now that I'm following exact BES instructions.


I went into SQL MGMT Studio and added my BES12Admin account to the database and gave it all kinds of permissions. Now the BES installer is running. This is encouraging. Install completed. Let's see how far I get this time...


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