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Originally Posted by phrozted
I was under the impression when I purchased my Blackberry that it got "push" email. Having jealously researched push email for a week or two while the tortured owner of a Motorola Q (which barely managed email at all, let alone push), I was really excited about the prospect of email which, according to most definitions of "push," would come almost instantaneously to my handset or at least within a few minutes of having been sent.

This is, however, not what I have with my Blackberry. Emails arrive on my handset anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes after they've been sent. I regularly check the actual sent time of the emails and compare it to the time of receipt and am almost always disappointed. I'm not receiving emails any faster than I was on the Motorola Q.

I've deleted email accounts, reinstalled them, reset my machine--none of that works. This is an obviously just the way the Blackberry email client operates, but it's not at all what I expected.

In brief: does the Blackberry have push email or not?

*Another question: I'm not receiving emails after 2 AM. At about 7 AM in the morning all of the emails I received during the night come flooding in. I don't turn my phone off when I sleep, and it's not set to shut itself off. It remains completely on--I know this because I'm able to receive calls long into the night (I've been woken up on occasion). Why am I not receiving my mail at night?

Sounds like you may have set up your emails to be forwarded? I have BIS and have my gmail and yahoo pushed. Will arrive on my BB before I get notification from my pc that i have new web mail. Let's look and see if you are forwarding?

In regards to your last sounds like you have the Auto ON/OFF enabled. To check this Options -->Auto ON/OFF Verify both weekend and weekend are disabled.