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With all due respect, it isn't the device. It's your understanding of what it should do. Your device's address ( IS push e-mail. That isn't to say that there aren't delays every once in a while, but by and large it's extremely reliable. Too, the delays could be on Yahoo's end or anywhere in between.

Also, as has been previously stated, Gmail and Yahoo accounts, if set up directly in your BIS settings (not forwarded to an intermediate account), have instantaneous delivery. BES accounts are also instantaneous. Everything else has to be polled.

ADDED: BlackBerrys still offer the most consistently reliable push e-mail solution. It's as good as you're gonna get. Others will argue Good is just as good (no pun intended) or Microsoft is up and coming. But the truth is that all these other solutions have a long way to go to be able to compete.

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