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Exclamation Cingular - Stuck 'Loading SIM Phone Book'

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I am sorry if solution is already on forum, I have tried searching for an hour and couldn't find anything.

Let me start with some background information: I acquired this Blackberry from a buddy who had bought it off of E-bay and never used it to it's full potential. I traded him an item of equal value and my Sony Ericsson phone to compensate for his lack of a phone.

My friend has no intimate knowledge about the device, so I browsed to Options > About and saw the following:
Blackberry(tm) 7100 Wireless Handheld (GPRS) v4.1.0.309 (Platform
Thus, I know my model is a 1700, but not whether it is a "t" or "g" etc. I have tried to determine my model on the forums but don't know what to search for and have wasted hours now.

I have also not yet been able to connect the BB to my computer yet, as my friend has not given me the cable yet - it will be coming later today. I am assuming there is some kind of firmware upgrade I will need to get?

Anyways, down to the problem:
The night I attained the BB, I put in my SIM card from my old phone (the Sony Ericsson) and powered it up. It loaded for a minute and then said
Loading SIM Phone Book

At the same time my friend put his SIM card into my old phone. After 5 minutes, his contact list was loaded and I then told him to delete all my information from the memory - including the phone book - due to privacy concerns. He left shortly thereafter, saying that mine "would probably take awhile" since I had "many more contacts" on my SIM card. Note: I only had around 80, probably less)

After 3 hours, I was still getting the Loading SIM Phone Book message. Frustrated, I went to bed. 12 hours later the Phone Book had still not loaded. At this point, I knew something was wrong. I took the phone with me to work and finally found that I could at least navigate the menus and do everything but access the Address Book. I can even save contacts in the Call Log but then I can't get to them in the Address Book, so it's useless. This is getting in the way of things I need to do/people to call, so a timely response is much appreciated.

So essentially, I would like to find a way to
  1. Get phone book working with SIM card phone book, or
  2. Remove the phone book so I can at least access / make new address book, or
  3. Completely reset the Blackberry (would this even help? Nothing to do with the SIM right?)

Important Information
Me and my friend both have Cingular SIM cards. The Sony Ericsson is made by it's own company, but the Blackberry has a T-Mobile logo on it.

Thank you so much, and I'm sorry if this seems redundant. I am a newbie and have browsed/searched through the FAQ's etc. and have not found what I needed thus far. Thanks in advance, I will be waiting.