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Originally Posted by alonzop View Post
This is quite an old thread but:

I'm hoping to get to talk to a fellow GPSLogger II user. I've been unable to register at the emacberry forums. The dialog never sends a verification email and I've tried two different uid - email -passwd combinations, both to active email accounts, but no email is ever sent there to verify my account.

So, I cannot post at the emacberry GPSlogger forum. Also searching there for an answer to the problem below has not found an answer.

I want to learn how to import *.gpx or *.kml files into GPSLogger II.

When I press the main menu button with the `import' menu item, I see a quick flash of some kind of activity and then the screen says `*empty*' As if the application is looking for files somewhere, and is not finding any. However I cannot determine where it is looking. The flash of activity may show it, but happens too fast to be seen.

Installing GPSlogger created a driectory SDCARD/blackberry/tracking so I tried putting *.kml file there but still get the `empty' line.

The manual does not explain about importing, although the write up on GPSLogger II does say it can import/export *.gpx and *.kml files.

Can anyone tell me how to import a *.kml into GPSLogger II?
I have just seen this post after having had the same problem myself. I
1 emailed myself the same track file in both .gpx and .kml formats
2 cut and pasted both of these files into the SDCARD/blackberry/tracking
3 went to Applications/File Folders/Media Card/Blackberry/tracking again to make absolutely sure that both files were there (they were)
4 opened GPSLogger II
5 clicked on "Import (GPX/KML)" which showed both of the files
6 selected either the .gpx or .kml file
7 confirmed the selection by clicking again on Import GPX/KML and
hey presto the imported track showed up perfectly on the map
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