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Originally Posted by Logvin
I have already gone through the fun of this. You need to have the AJAX DLL installed, and OC Web Access installed also in order to use it. The deployment guide for OCWA has a little blurb of how to install it, its fairly easy. Be carefull though.. RIM will not support AJAX, and MS will not touch the thing with a 10 foot pole.
I simply sent in an email with our specs and a fairly detailed explanation. They replied acknowledging the documentation was unclear on their specifications. It appears that OCWA is not required, nor are the patches listed in the installation guide. I'm going to install this first thing in the morning and we'll see what happens from there.

Originally Posted by BrooklynzFinest
Do we know if this update enables opening WAV attachments?
As mentioned in previous threads, WAV attachments are already supported as of BES 4.1 (and probably earlier). It was the OS that was lacking. This has been fixed in OS 4.2 (available on the 8100 only, currently) and the attachments play just fine.
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