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Thumbs down Curve / 8300: Lost SMS & call log - Memory leak problem

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With the release of the Curve, I finally made the jump from Palm and Windows Mobile to Blackberry to take advantage of its messaging capabilities. I have a brand new AT&T branded Curve (8300) with the same memory "leak" problem. A few days after purchase (and thus several days of SMS, call logs and e-mail messages), all SMS messages, call logs and a few e-mails disappeared. I then started searching the web for similar problems and it appears that this has been a common issue with the Pearl (and apparently now with the Curve, too). It would have happened again today if I did not remove the battery to free up the memory! Yesterday evening, the free memory was at more 20 MB. This afternoon, it dropped to 13.8MB. No change after I did turn/off the device. After I removed the battery, the free memory was back to more than 21 MB. There are several problems: Firstly, as soon as the free memory drops below 12 MB (the reserved space for "media" files), the Curve starts deleting SMS and e-mail messages WITHOUT any warning. Secondly, I have to remove the battery AT LEAST on a DAILY basis to avoid the loss of my messages. My operating system is up to date: v4.2.2.89 (Platform use BlackBerry BIS and I am not connected to any BlackBerry BES.

It is truly ironic that the reason I switched to Blackberry was due to its messaging capabilities; yet, that's the feature causing major headaches. Over the last 10 years, I have NEVER lost any messages on my Palms nor Windows Mobile machines. I switch to Blackberry and I lost messages within days!