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Default Urgent Help Needed With Bold 9930

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Background: I am currently in Japan (have been since November) so my mobile wireless has been suspended so I utilize my WiFi router in my barracks room for a signal. It has allowed me to use internet, BBM, email, update date/time, etc so I have reliable communication with my wife and family back home in North Carolina.

Issue: Yesterday I was using the internet on my Bold 9930 and the website I was currently on froze. The power button wouldn't even shut it off so I removed the battery and reinstalled it for a cold boot. When it rebooted, nothing would work. The mouse/track pad, touch screen feature, nothing at all. Hold the BB key and it would bring up all 5 active applications. I did another battery removal/reinstallation and now everything works except for internet, BBM, date/time, email, etc. It is seeing my WiFi network and is connected to it, but that is about it. I don't have the BB icon on the top right which is normally under the signal icon. I tried to delete the WiFi network and then re-added it automatically. That didn't work. I deleted it again and manually entered it and that also did not work. I deleted it yet again and it automatically connected to it again, but still no BB icon and nothing has has updated (BBM, email, date/time, etc). I even tried to reset my WiFi router, but that had no effect.

I figured I would give it overnight to correct itself and it did not. I went to work and hoped that it would reconnect and update with no issues once I returned, which it sees the WiFi network and it did not. I just tried to remove and reinstall the battery again in hopes that it would work. The internet on the BB works now, but the date/time are not updating and still no BBM and still no email.

The reason this is a huge issue for me is because BBM is the primary means of me communicating with my extremely pregnant wife while I am gone on business. Any and all assistance will be most appreciated because I am in desperate need of step by step instructions. Thank you!
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