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Default Re: Urgent Help Needed With Bold 9930

Originally Posted by rambo47 View Post
I'm not sure if you will get the service books until you are back on your home carrier's network. You *might* get services restores if you us suspend your service temporarily but there is no way to be sure until you try.

I like the idea of using an iPhone on prepaid temporarily and getting your BBM on it. The newer BB10 BlackBerrys also wouldn't have an issue as they do not use a BIS plan.
This is correct. You will not get service books unless you are on your home network.

An unlocked BB10 device with a SoftBank card would also work as well as rambo mentioned.

Further, beyond the fact that it won't work, un-suspending and re-suspending to get services for which you are not paying is dishonest, and I would think as a servicemember you'd have more integrity than that.
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