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Default Re: Contradictory Advice regarding WiFi Issues

Firstly, I just want to thank you both so far, in just this small amount of text so far you have answered far more than service providers and technicians who have advised me thus far. So thank you for that.
Originally Posted by aiharkness View Post
Here is the skinny:

First, you must have a BlackBerry data plan to use BlackBerry data services, period. Sound like you do. Correct me, though, if I'm wrong.
- Yes I have a Blackberry Data Plan
Second, some carriers require the BlackBerry data plan in order for WiFi use. Again, sounds like you do have a BlackBerry data plan, so I mention this only to be complete. If your carrier required a data plan and you did not have a data plan then you would not be able to use WiFi at all; perhaps you would connect, but you would not have service.

Now, to your questions. If you have mobile network and WiFi both enabled at the same time, the BlackBerry handset is connecting to the mobile network and using WiFi. Data traffic is more than likely coming and going over WiFi only, but the BlackBerry may use the mobile network if it finds it necessary.
OK, So Why would the BB need to use the Mobile network? Is the WiFi receiver just not very good in the Torch 9800? Every other WiFi device in my house maintains a good connection at all times, all over the house and outside. To be honest I have never experienced even a small drop out with other devices? Something I need as I use my broadband for business use.

The only way to assure that the handset absolutely cannot and therefore does not use the mobile network for data while using WiFi is to turn off mobile network. There is a downside, however. If you do not have UMA, you will turn off voice service when you turn off mobile network.
I am unaware if I have UMA currently. I understand disconnecting the mobile network will resolve it, maybe by somewhat drastic means, but really, isn't that a bit archaic? Is this really how you should expect to use a modern, updated, brand new device?
Lastly, on the BlackBerry, when you turn off data services you turn off data services, WiFi included. Thank you for confirmation, I thought so, so that totally contradicts that 02 (UK) 'Technician' as I suspected.
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While I consider how I intend to continue use of the Blackberry, if at all. I'm considering returning it based on this issue alone. I understand if it were through my incorrect use or set-up, but if that's really how I am expected to use it, I won't.
Can you just confirm that in the meantime, if GPRS or EDGE is displayed (as opposed to grps or edge), Does that categorically confirm that you are using mobile data and therefore usage of your data plan? From what 'Adperdue' writes it would appear so.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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