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Wirelessly posted

When there are so many reports online for the very same issue/failure I'm afraid it's RIM'S QUALITY CONTROL PROBLEM
(to follow your emphasis)

Don't get me wrong I like berries probably more than the next man but when I survey a team of 30 ppl and amongst them they got 6 failed handsets with the same issue in less than a year's period something's wrong.

Orange in the UK pulled Bolds away completely
when so many went faulty. Mike Lazaridis the co-ceo of RIM when confronted in an interview with how crap the first Storm was replied, and I quote, "We are aware of the issues, IT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER"

So WE know it's crap, THEY know it's crap, isn't about time RIM starts sourcing some quality components and train those Mexicans and those Hungarians on the assembly lines in some quality control?

It's 2010 and businessmen are maintaining long nails so they can do battery pulls for the love of god! How hard could it be to put a hardware switch in place that does the job ffs?
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