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Default turn off wifi

Originally Posted by Cocooningweb View Post

We bought a few new 8330 on Friday and we've been trying to activate them since without any success (none of them), most are for new users, some are to replace existing devices already connected to the BES.

OTA activation failed for everyone. One user reported that he did a desktop activation, got the "Activation Complete" message, but nothing was syncing. He pulled the battery out, then the BB showed the "Initializing Activation" screen and after a few minutes this screen went away, at this time in "Options > Advanced Options > Enterprise Activation" it said "Desktop activated with today's date" but it still wasn't syncing anything. He pulled the battery out again and the "Enterprise Activation" option was gone from the "Advanced Options" menu. He finally went in "Messages" and clicked on "Reconcile Now" and the activation option was back again saying that it had been activated as of today. Pulled the battery again, EA is gone ...

Although it seems to be activated now it only seems to sync one way. Changes made on the BB are reflected in Outlook, but not the other way around.

I'm out of ideas, I'm thinking about wiping the device and starting from scratch, any other ideas?

We don't use these but I would wipe the device and turn off wifi and attempt another ea.
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