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Originally Posted by aiharkness View Post
Don't do a battery pull with BB10 except as last resort.

Ok , I will ask, why not? Is there an issue with the BB10 units?
From what I understand, it isn't needed. I don't find anything from BlackBerry identifying a battery pull as a troubleshooting step on BB10 devices. And I'm not sure that it doesn't make matters worse in some instances.

In my case I had done a few resets over time using the power button or volume buttons. And I had done some again when a podcast app was hanging when updating. Not battery pulls, just resets using the buttons. I ended up filling my device on board memory and microSD card with lost clusters. But the problem is there is no repair function like in BBOS (at least on 10.1, and maybe there is on later versions). I was able to fix the lost clusters on the card using a computer, but I ended up doing a security wipe on the device and restoring from backup.

After the lost cluster episode I started doing normal shut downs and then rebooting when the podcast app hangs. The podcast app works again, and no lost clusters. I now avoid even doing resets using the buttons since I did the wipe and all is fine.

Obviously there are others doing battery pulls without harm. I don't think it is necessary. As I say, as a last resort if the device is frozen and you can't reboot or reset, then, yeah, do it, but under other circumstances I believe it may do more harm than good.
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