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Default Re: Almost there. Bes 12 activation fails on password

Originally Posted by knottyrope View Post
are you connected to license infrastructure?

is it a home grown cert or a real one?
Self generated cert. not sure what connected to license infrastructure means.

In simplest terms. I set up a test server, installed all the updates, got a working user and mailbox, installed BES 12 and that's where I am.

Also just found this in the log: 2015-08-10T23:30:51.556-04:00 - BGS {15} - INFO There are no mailboxes provided by BES Core for EAS devices sync.

Do I have an access/rights problem?

Thinking about uninstalling BES12 and re-installing. Can't say that I followed exact instructions the first time around. That's why I'm in test. Working out all the bugs in my methods before I go to production.

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