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Default Re: Almost there. Bes 12 activation fails on password

Originally Posted by roveer View Post
I went into SQL MGMT Studio and added my BES12Admin account to the database and gave it all kinds of permissions. Now the BES installer is running. This is encouraging. Install completed. Let's see how far I get this time...

I thought I was getting somewhere. I was able to install sucessfully with the BES12Admin account but I'm still failing on the device with the same workplace password issue. Time to call BB.


AAAHHHH!!!! I'm there. It activated... Now the big question. I started looking for the support number for BB and determined it might be harder to get them on the phone that it would be to just solve the problem... I went back into the email profile in BES Administration and started looking everything over carefully. In the second section of the config there is a field called "Account Name". I believe I had the word "work" in there. Looking at the bubble help it should have the user name %UserName% variable. I changed that, tried another activation and this time it worked.

Now, it was either that or I messed around with certificates for an house


I added the BES12Admin user to every group I possibly could.

I'd like opinions on what fixed my problem.

I'm probably going to tear it all down again and start over so I can really figure it out.


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