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Originally Posted by Sydman View Post
I have never used an Iphone nor will I, but if Itunes is any reflection on how Apple software works then I don't see how it could be better than BB. Updating the Blackberry is a simple process that takes about 10 minutes, and I can download OS's from different carriers. Now granted a pop up for Poynt did come up asking if I wanted to grant permission again, but that is just one button press not anything to complain about.
I think you should try and use iphone before giving judgement on which is better. The share value of apple that is close to 400USD VS Rim's Share value that is not even 20 USD, shows that the world acknowledge that Apple is a stronger product.
I have used blackberry since curve 8910, Javelin, Bold 9700, Torch 9800, Bold 9780, and Montana 9930. Im still using my montana and i just recently got iphone 4s and HTC thunderbolt. I reckon, my HTC is even better than my blackberry montana 9930, not to mention iphone 4s which surpasses the other 2 devices.

I want to share my experiance using montana. 2 Days after i got my montana, it crashed, "java lang error" which appear over and over again, till i can't recover to home screen...i need to install new os over it, lucky i backed up my phone, so no data's are lost except my auto text.
I bought my wife montana as well, she used it for 6 days and it went and give her white screen with "JVM Error 517: Reset". I need to reinstall new os for that phone as well.
currently, my wife's montana likes to shut down by itself, and mine likes to have the thinking clock usually occurs for about 20-30 seconds, rendering the phone useless for that period. It always happend after making a phonecall too.
I will change my wife's montana since its still on warranty, but all i can do is wait for better OS to presents itself.

I have never experienced this kind of problem before with my iphones, or even my android.

No offence to bb users but i don't think that iphone is not a better fone than bb by far...


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