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Default BB Link Sync Issues: Continuing - Suggestions?

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Let me begin by saying that I have been diligently working on this problem for quite a while, doing all I can to try to resolve my issue of failure in having BB Link sync my Outlook contacts and calendar to my Z10, including the following:

- Updating my Z10's OS to the very latest software
- Uninstalling BB Link and reinstalling the latest version of Link
- Re-configuring BB Link's contact and calendar setting several times
- Removing my Z10 device from BB Link and re-associating it several times

BTW: Computer is Windows 7 OS 64-bit
BTW #2: I am, indeed, using direct connection to computer via USB cable

As of this moment, after attempting a sync with BB Link (resulting in a rather lengthy wait), I most often get a "sync unsuccessful" message after the attempted sync process is finished. Sometimes I DO get a "sync successful" message, BUT even when that confirmation appears, I still discover that the process simply does NOT sync my Outlook contacts to the device. The contact information on the Z10 that has been on the device is still there and still intact, but absolutely no changes to current contacts and additions of new contacts is made. There is no transfer of updated contact data from my Outlook contacts to my Z10.

I realize that BB Link is known to be far less than perfect, but this issue is just beyond comprehension. With my previous BB devices, BB Desktop Software performed flawlessly, and at lightning speed. For the supposed advancements in technology, BB OS10 and BB Link appear to be unfathomable steps backward! What used to take a minute or so with BB Desktop Software is now taking 10 to 15 minutes, and even so, is rarely successful. I just can't imagine why this is so, and why RIM has apparently been unable to make this work correctly. I don't care about syncing photos, music, whatever (though I'm glad the device has those features) nearly as much as I care about syncing contacts and calendar data. I use by BB Z10 as a "business tool", and the most important feature I need on my Z10 is a timely and accurate update of my Outlook calendar and contacts. I really like most everything about the Z10, but proper syncing of my Outlook calendar and contacts is ESSENTIAL for the conduct of my business...and that's the one thing the Z10 and BB Link does NOT appear to be able to do!

I've search the forums, searched the BB website support area, tried all sorts of revisions and fixes, etc. I'm baffled, confused, frustrated. I don't know what else to do. I'm giving this device, the OS, and BB Link every chance I can to "come through," but I fear I'm going to reach a point where I just toss the thing (just a little over a month old) and reluctantly and regrettably abandon BB, of which I've been a strong supporter for many years. I really WANT to see BB rebuild and be successful, but if a 10-year+ 100% loyal BB user like me has reached this point, then I can only imagine why people who have been far less enthusiastic than me have abandoned RIM and moved on to other devices.

I have seen some other methods of syncing mentioned elsewhere, including syncing via cloud storage and the like. Can anyone point me to how I might set up something like that? It seems silly to have to resort to that when BB Link should do it, but if that's where I must go, perhaps I will.

If anyone can offer advice, including pointing me to on-line support threads and such, I would very much appreciate it!


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(Suburban Philadelphia)
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