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Default Re: BB Link Sync Issues: Continuing - Suggestions?

Originally Posted by Bobb View Post
Thanks for your input. The "old way" may not be a priority, but I am of the opinion that anyone who trusts a cloud service is just plain foolish for two reasons: 1) Storing data in a cloud assumes that one will always have access to it, and 2) having access or not, no "cloud" can ever be 100% relied upon not to fail. That's why I backup so much stuff to HDDs and CDs. That may be an old-fashioned stance, but there's no doubt about reliability and permanence vs. some nebulous "cloud" out there somewhere. I trust "the cloud" about as much as I trust the Internal Revenue Service.

Perhaps I'm just being too hard-assed in my insistence for syncing via USB using BB Link, but... I travel a great deal and I sometimes find myself in areas where I have no connectivity to either the internet or a mobile network, yet in those circumstances, I still have the need to be able to sync new information to my BB. Furthermore, the capability to sync Outlook contacts and calendar using USB/BB Link has been developed, so if the effort was made to add that capability to BB Link, should it not work properly anyway? I'm not being argumentative here, just logical. Why bother to develop a capability and then have it not work properly? Just doesn't make sense (though real-world experience suggests otherwise...LOL!). The notion of "well, it really hasn't worked properly from the start, so just forget about it and use something else" just doesn't sit well with me. It is supposed to work, so work it should, if you get my drift! It's with that attitude that I will continue to find a fix.

Everyone's input and advice has been very much appreciated thus far.
I agree that there are pitfalls in using cloud-based services, many of which we won't even see until things go horribly wrong. And they always do go horribly wrong at some point. I'm a big believer in "keeping it local". I find it ironic that BlackBerry, famous for their security, has moved in such an insecure direction. Chalk it up to their ill-fated move headlong into the consumer space, chasing the pipe dream of competing with Apple and Samsung for Joe Consumer. BlackBerry lost sight of their original purpose. Hey, I understand the temptation to go in that direction, especially when they have been losing customers and the company has gone into panic mode. And I honestly have no idea if re-focusing on enterprise/business customers back when they went for the regular and first-time consumers would have been a success.

Anywho, BlackBerry definitely dropped the ball with local sync. Back in the day it worked beautifully. Now it looks almost like an afterthought. As a Mac user I'm kind of used to getting ignored. Workarounds were my life and the Mac/BB developer community was almost non-existent. Now with BB10, however, with each new version of the OS we seem to be making some progress. I hate to say "wait for 10.3" but at this point I think we have to pin our hopes on these continuing incremental improvements and bide our time. A lot of us have exhausted out patience and good will, but we're going to have to wait a little bit longer I'm afraid.
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