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Default Re: MobilTracker (gps app)

Originally Posted by aiharkness View Post
Contact the developer is the next step. I don't think being familiar with the app matters here. You've done what you can do ... You accepted the developer's required permissions, you've tried a hard reset, other apps that use the GPS work ok ... The only other thing to try is perhaps a security wipe or full wipe and start over, or try different OS version, but I would see what the developer says first. Chances are you'll get a reply before someone here comes along running the same OS as you on the same model and can say either way whether the app works for them.
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Of course being familiar with the app matters... I'd like to know if anyone has gotten mobileTracker working... In order to know that, I will need to hear from someone familiar with it.

I did contact Skylabs. So far I've been told to `refresh gps'.

My manual gives directions to do so.... when I follow them I never see the alleged `refresh location' menu item.

I then called blackberry tech number. I was told the newer blackberrys (9900, 9930) have that procedure blocked. Supposed to be so that blackberry can insure user has the best possible gps pickup... In other words so that user cannot interfere with it and cause problems.

At any rate I was told it is not possible on my handset, even though the manual clearly states that it is.

I've conveyed that information to skylabs and waiting now to hear from them again.

For what it is worth, it would seem that if I can get gps cooridnates from several other applications, that should indicate GPS is available..

Has anyone here ever gotten mobileTracker, or `GPS Waypoint Manager' to work on a blackberry?... both are skylabs products.
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