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Default Lockscreen pw AND Know or Secure Workspace PW? 2 PW's?

Please Login to Remove!

I'm test installing BES12 on a Samsung S6 Active. Wasn't really sure which activation type to use but since this is a Samsung device I figured one off the KNOX types.

So I have used Work & Personal - Full Control.

It would appear that all activation types require the device to have a lockscreen password. It also appears that all of the activation types require a password into the workspace or KNOX. That's 2 passwords to get to your email.

Is there any way to remove one of these? 2 PW's to check your email is excessive. My god. I've got my BB10 device set to NO PW and all I have to do is hit the button tape here to access your work space. That's what I'd really like.

I did notice that using KNOX is allowing me to put my work icons (email, cal, contacts etc) out with my personal icons on the Personal side. I do like that.

But I need to figure something out for the password thing.


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