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Thanks Ira and tsac. I went to an iphone a few month ago because I needed a heart monitor app which is not available to BB. I liked the iphone, but there are many aspects about BB that I preferred, not the least of which was the keyboard. And BB gave me all I needed, as I am past games and endless texting. As you can see, I thought I'd try BB again, as I no longer need the heart monitor, but things seem to be getting more complicated and inconsistent with BB (my dated one anyway), so reluctantly I am going to go back to iphone, which I must admit is pretty well designed and laid out, especially if you want to spend the better part of the day updating your personal files, events, reminders, and so on (it becomes addictive, more so than BB). In any case, thanks again for the advice. And tsac - you have been a great help in solving my problems in the past. Thanks again.
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