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Originally Posted by Jeff Koncius View Post
Well, thanks for your screenshots and I adjusted my settings accordingly. I assumed you prioritized both input and output? Also, did you lower the firewall on the Actiontec? I did both--and still have no incoming sound. Not sure what to do at this point as it works fine away from the house. I am thinking router discus in light of the Olympic games but am open to other suggestions!
Firewall on the Actiontec doesn't sound familiar. I didn't know it had one but that doesn't mean I didn't change something at some point. It was maybe 8 or 9 months ago that I first did some adjusting and I didn't log what I did. Just messed with things that seemed like they would matter.

On the prioritization, as far as I know I just set the one setting. No distinction on input or output.

One more thing to consider. WEP security seems to be the least problematic. Putting it on WPA or WPA2 (also called pre shared key in some places) used to give me problems. WEP is not great security wise but I'm not all that worried where I live.

Also check if there are other routers on the same channel nearby and other devices like 2.4 gz cordless phones. I use channel 3 and channel 8 since almost all my neighbors are on 1, 6, or 11.
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