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Default Calling all Blackberry users!

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I am waiting for approval from my insurance company to accept and send me a new blackberry, lucky I found a backup of a .ipd file for my blackberry (Backup-(2010-08-28) which is better then NOTHING. And I printed all my call logs and I will for this months at the end of the cycle, and call the call logs and reconnect with my clients, hopefully.

Now the apps that I had installed were Google Maps (which included Google latitude), Wheres my phone pro

- I tried Google Latitude and logged on the my PC to track the location but the phone didn't update to the Google servers that night I lost my phone the last update was 55days ago, which is why Google latitude sucks it updates when it can.

- After me and the guy who took my phone we were texting I was offering to pay for it, and throughout that time I FORGOT to send my phone a command using Wheres My Phone, to lock it/gps it. It was at 6am and I was drunk as xxxx.

On the side note, I shouldn't created a backup...lesson learned.

Now...for those who are familiar with their Blackberry and treat it as their computer, with protection and security...

What do you suggest I should install?

For the following:

- Live real-time GPS track...maybe calling a company to track it down or send a command to your self?
- Remote/wireless backup online and a scheduler...
- Notify the authorities or a private company, or notify me if it is around me within a certain ft/yard? (is it possible?)
- After I do a remote backup, completely disable the device.

if their is more security features I have not heard of please share

Preferably free, or cracked...

Anyone has a app close to this, that is currently using. I know their are similar on the web, but I would like to know your input and experience please before I play with them and install and re-install!

Thank you.
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