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Default Re: Calling all Blackberry users!

Originally Posted by aiharkness View Post
Moe, you asked readers, "if their is more security features I have not heard of please share" and who knows what you have heard of but what you put in your post.

A password is the single most significant security measure you can take. If you want, enable encryption as well.

You are also asking about recovery and/or catching the person who has your lost/stolen BlackBerry. That's a different thing.

Personally, I don't hold out much hope for a lost or stolen device. Or rather I'm surprised anytime anyone is able to recover one.

THE BEST thing you can do is put a password on the device and fill in the owner info screen with your complete contact info, with a phone number where you can be reached besided the mobile number for the BlackBerry.

Exactly, if THERE ARE ANY other ways as a leverage of security for the blackberry that I have NOT heard of please share. For example: I came across a feature that when your phone gets stolen and someone puts their sim card, a program will auto send your secondary phone, of the persons sim card number and imei number as a LEVERAGE.

Yes I am talking about recovering/and or catching the person who lost/stolen the phone, no it falls in the same category.

Please don't post if its irrelevant or the obvious of what I am aware of, thanks for replying man.
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