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Default Re: Blackberry Classic stays connected to network but loses internet access

Originally Posted by horhota View Post
Thank you for your suggestions and questions.

Tsac, I have tried Fit Radio, Deezer and also later on Spotify with same results. As you say, if it is a browser problem it is not possible to change the default browser. I read in several places about changing to a "hotspot" browser but I could never find the setting to do that - guess it's because the browser can't be changed.

AiHarkness, the phone connects to the network and I receive an IP address. Even when the "internet" fails, I check the settings and see that I am still connected, have an IP address and the signal strength is good. This is using the advanced features of wifi connection setting. I also look at the BB logs and nothing suspicious there either - its hard to do much with the logs because I'm not aware of any way to copy and paste them into a text file.
Now, back when I first had the problem, I went into the wifi diagnostics and ran a simple ping command - just ping google (can't send this post with the www in front of and the com at the end but it was the proper url)- it was not successful and came back as host unreachable(all packets lost). I didn't put much into that(wasn't sure that using a name instead of IP address would work) but when I tried it tonight on my home network, the same ping to google was fine -good response, all packets good. In my basic networking knowledge, being able to ping the site is the true test of your connection.

When the problem occurs, I cannot browse any sites - everything times out and comes back as host not found or something similar. As I said in an earlier email, sitting on the google speed test site and running the test over and over would fail - the "needle" on the dial would simply freeze at some point (10mbs or 12mbs), the start/stop buttons were locked and the needle would not move until I reset the WiFi connection.

I don't have email on the phone - if it ever becomes a useful device, I will probably set up something. As far as BBM Messages or PIM messages, I'm not sure that these functions are available to me on an un-provisioned - no simCard, no provider contract - phone.

Again thank you both for the time and effort you are putting into this problem.
I believe you can send a PIN message so long as the device is connecting to BlackBerry. Look for the little BlackBerry icon in the network connection area.

I will send you my PIN in a PM.
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