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Default Re: Yahoo email on older Blackberry's

I'm troubleshooting Yahoo email as well. I had to re-validate a few days ago and had no trouble at that time. I deleted the accounts and added them back. But today I had to re-validate again, and cant get it. I deleted the accounts, and still can't add them back. I get the "not at this time" error or the password has changed error depending on what I try.

Just now I turned the device off and left it for 20 minutes instead of rebooting. In process now trying again to add the accounts.

I have three accounts. The Yahoo account, and also AT&T and Bellsouth accounts on Bellsouth ISP hosted by Yahoo. Same issue with all three.

Will post back if I get it working.

EDIT: Ok, added the first one (AT&T) successfully. Either (a) the trick of deleting the accounts and turning the device off for 15 minutes worked, or (b) whatever was going on at Yahoo quit going on, or quit going on for the moment long enough to successfully validate the account.

By the way, I'm using advanced setup for IMAP and entering all setting manually. I'm using the Yahoo server addresses (without rim).

EDIT: Added second (Bellsouth) ok. In earlier edit I wrote that server wasn't responding, but turns out that was my error with the server address.

On to add the Yahoo address.

EDIT: And Yahoo address successively added.
- Ira

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