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so have we determined if the Bold will automatically choose to use the wifi connection over mobile network connection for the blackberry apps at least? i know some other 3rd party apps need to be designed to use the wifi connection if it's present. i just wonder if both my mobile network and wifi connection (wifi logo is lit) are connected, would my BIS emails, PIN, bb maps, bb messenger all come through wifi? what about 3rd party apps (IM's like live messenger, gtalk, etc.) or is that too hard to tell?

anyhow, so right now i set my bb browser to open the hotspot browser by default. that way when i'm connected to wifi, it'll use the wifi connection. say if i am not in an area with wifi, do i have to change the settings to the regular internet browser, close, and then start again to use bb data? there IS an option in the bb menu that says "Start BB Connection". does that mean it'll temporarily use the mobile network connection?
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